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What We Offer

Most patients are referred to Boardwalk Dental Care by their family and friends. A Comprehensive Exam is usually the first patient experience which allows the doctor to get solidly acquainted with you, your priorities and gives you both the opportunity to discuss diagnostic needs and optional choices in treatment. The Patient Coordinator, Sharon, will assist in collaboration with you to develop your plan to oral health. The plan will include either preventive hygiene or therapeutic hygiene and the doctor’s best recommendations for clinical care and clinical care options.

As one of the first fully computerized and integrated offices in North America we are pleased to offer state of the art clinical technology. All charting, patient histories, digital radiographs, intra-oral photographs and other information are stored on a central computer for fast, efficient data access and accurate recording and monitoring of your oral health. Insurance claims are processed quickly and efficiently through our electronic dental claim submission (EDI). Our team can provide many advanced features such as intraoral pictures and large digital x-rays on the monitors so you can see the details that lead to your recommended treatments.



  • Home Whitening Impressions
  • Sports Mouth Guards
  • Tooth Prints Patient Identification Program to children ages 3 and over



Boardwalk Dental Care is always conscious of the comfort of our patients. Satellite radio has been newly added to the office with fabulous reception and better selection. Movies are available for those who prefer to relax and distract themselves while receiving dental care. Additional neck pillows and sedation mattresses add additional comfort while receiving dental care. Heated towelettes are available as a nice touch to refresh before getting on with your day and enjoying a wonderful cup of freshly brewed coffee before or after our appointment adds to your day. Of course free WIFI is available throughout the office.



Boardwalk Dental Care takes stringent measures to protect our patients and our team. Instruments are either disposable or designed to withstand the heat sterilization process. Instruments to be sterilized are first placed in a cassette, washed in our special high pressure sanitizing unit, air dried, covered with a protective wrap and secured with sterilization indicator tape, then they are transferred to our hands free state of the art Triangle Sterilization Centre for heat sterilization. The wrapped cassette is then stored in a sterile holding unit and remains sealed until immediately before use. The wrapping serves as a sterile field on which to place the instruments during procedures. We carry out these rigorous procedures consistently for the safety of all our patients and our team.