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The Work We Do

Most patients are referred to Boardwalk Dental Care by their family or friends. A Comprehensive Exam is usually the first patient experience which allows the doctor to get solidly acquainted with you, your priorities and gives you both the opportunity to discuss diagnostic needs and optional choices in treatment. The Patient Coordinator will assist in collaborating with you to develop your plan to oral health. The plan will include either preventive hygiene or therapeutic hygiene and the doctor’s best recommendations for clinical care and clinical care options.

Achieving Oral Health is achieved by collaboration with our patients. The doctor will recommend treatment needs and options in priority. Your Patient Coordinator will assist in prioritizing treatment, provide estimates, assist with insurance estimates and determine your timeline and budget while maintaining the focus on your Oral Health.

Preventive and Periodontal Care is provided by our Registered Dental Hygienists. The Prevention of bone loss associated with Periodontal Disease is the primary clinical function of our hygiene team. If Periodontal Disease is a concern, our hygiene team is trained in Non-surgical Periodontal Therapy to avoid or minimize periodontal surgery. We will also recommend how often you need to have your hygiene care provided to protect the gums and bone that support your teeth.

The dental procedures available at Boardwalk Dental Care .are extensive including...