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Leading Root Canal Treatment in Brockville

When a tooth becomes damaged, either from neglect or injury, the soft pulp can become infected, resulting in pain, reduced function, and potentially dangerous complications. All hope is not lost; however, as the experienced dental professionals here at Boardwalk Dental Care can likely save the tooth with the use of root canal treatment in Brockville.

What is a Root Canal?

Sometimes damage happens, infection sets in, and a root canal becomes necessary. The dentist must remove the source of the infection: the pulp located in the root of a tooth. After the infected pulp has been removed, a rubber like substance is placed in the canal to provide stability and a cap is placed to protect the remaining tooth. While this may sound painful, the dreaded root canal has been made easier and more comfortable than ever before with the use of the latest technologies and procedures.

Why is a Root Canal Needed?

The main reason your dentist would preform a root canal treatment in Brockville is to remove the infection, while saving the tooth. Antibiotics alone are not enough to treat the infection and if ignored, this infection can create an abscess at the base of the tooth. Intense pain and swelling result and potentially life threatening complications can arise from an ignored abscess.

What to Expect at Your Root Canal Treatment in Brockville

When you come to Boardwalk Dental Care, we work hard to ensure you are comfortable. You may need a new set of x-rays unless you've had one recently. Our team will ensure you are properly numbed and will perform your treatment as quickly and expertly as possible. The tooth may be sensitive for a few days following your procedure but this will clear up quickly.

For more information or to request an appointment in the Brockville and surrounding areas, please contact the caring staff at Boardwalk Dental Care today.