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Our Facility

Boardwalk Dental Care can be found at the southern tip of Broad Street in the beautiful Tunnel Bay area of downtown Brockville. The office is located on the main level of the Boardwalk Condominium Building. The magnificent view of the mighty St. Lawrence River can be seen from almost every room within the office.

Boardwalk Dental is always on the leading edge of technology. We were one of the first chartless dental offices in North America. Digital radiology and high definition intra-oral photography provides safety and knowledge for our patients. All dental charting and patient information are stored on our private central computer for fast, efficient data access and accurate record keeping. Using our electronic dental claim submission (EDI),insurance claims can be processed quickly and efficiently. This allows dental insurance reimbursement within days.

We offer ceiling monitors for your entertainment enjoyment or real time viewing of your dental procedures should you choose. Nitrous Oxide Sedation and Conscious Sedation are also available for your comfort should you have any concerns about dental anxiety.

2015 brings two brand new exciting high tech additions to our practice.

Digitalized dental impressions are now available for procedures such as crowns, bridges, implants, dentures or orthodontics. This technology uses very high resolution photography scanning in place of a tray full of impression material.

The practice is fortunate to have the first local dental Cone Beam Computer generated Tomography (CBCT) system. This is a 3D-scanner which is used in advanced medical and dental procedures to accurately view the local anatomy and plan for accurate placement of dental implants or identify oral pathology.



The established sterilization protocol at Boardwalk Dental Care is stringent.

The dental equipment, chairs, lights, are all sterilized using universal standards between each patient. All dental instruments are either disposable or fully autoclavable using heat/pressure sterilization system.

Instruments to be sterilized are first placed in a cassette, washed in our special high pressure sanitizing unit, air dried, covered with a protective wrap and secured with sterilization indicator tape, then they are transferred to our hands free state of the art Sterilization Centre

The wrapped cassette is then stored in a sterile holding unit and remains sealed until immediately before use. The wrapping serves as a sterile field on which to place the instruments during procedures. We carry out these rigorous procedures consistently for the safety of all our patients and our team.