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Improving Dental Work with the Trios Scanner

Here at Boardwalk Dental Care, we take great pride in being able to offer our patients the latest treatment options, procedures, and technologies. The Trios is the latest in intraoral imaging technology that will allow us to further expand our services and treatment options, while reducing patient discomfort.

Introducing the Trios

Trios is a digital scanner that allows us to take multiple high definition photos of teeth. The software incorporates these photos to produce a virtual 3D image.

What That Means for You, the Patient

Here at Boardwalk Dental Care, we work hard to ensure our patients have the best experience possible. Between offering a comprehensive list of services, and the addition of the Trios scanner, we are able to improve our services and boost patient satisfaction. The Trios will allow us to gather important information regarding your dental needs, and develop more accurate information to share with our dental lab.
The 3D images produced through the Trios will help us provide better fitting dental apparatuses such as dentures, bridges, crowns and orthodontics. As well as spot potential issues, sooner.

The Future of Your Dental Care

The Trios provides us the opportunity to greatly expand our services now and in the future, so we can grow with our patients and meet further dental needs.

For more information regarding the Trios, or to request an appointment with one of our highly experienced dental professionals, please contact the team at Boardwalk Dental Care today! Since 1994, we have proudly provided expert cutting-edge dental care to Brockville and surrounding areas.

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