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Benefits of Early Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is incredibly important for young children, as proper treatment can help avoid dental problems down the road. The best time to ensure there’s no overbite or underbite and the jaw is positioned correctly is when teeth are developing. Beginning treatment at this stage will also enable dental practitioners to catch any other concerns that arise before they grow out of control.

Below, the experts at Boardwalk Dental have explained a few of the key benefits of seeking early orthodontic treatments for your children.

Tackling problems before the jaw bones harden

With age, our jawbones toughen up, making it difficult to make adjustments that will ensure oral health as our teeth change over time. Crowding of the teeth can be painful and lead to problems down the road, eventually requiring painful tooth extraction. Parents may notice a speech impediment, difficulties while chewing or late thumb-sucking, which are all signs that orthodontic treatments may need to take place. Surgeries that take place before the jaw bones harden will be much easier and less painful for children.

Parents should consider consulting with an orthodontist as early as age 6 or 7.

Healthy progression of baby teeth

The loss of baby teeth is not only an exciting time for parents, but it is also essential to oral health. Additionally, if the position of teeth is corrected before baby teeth are lost and permanent teeth start to come in, this may help families avoid costly dental procedures later. If you notice your child losing their baby teeth far too early or if they do not seem to be falling out as the child gets older, orthodontic treatments should be sought out immediately.

Peace of mind

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell if a child is developing an abnormal bite, experiencing increasing pain in their jaws or developing unhealthy habits such as only breathing through the mouth. Brockville families who are unsure of the signs to look for should seek orthodontic consultation and treatments for children to prevent painful and expensive surgeries.

Boardwalk Dental is Here to Help

The team at Brockville’s Boardwalk Dental can identify oral health problems for those seeking early orthodontic treatments and figure out the best treatment options for your child. Call one of our experts today at (613)-342-9333 to book an appointment.

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