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Root Canal Treatment in Brockville – What You Need to Know

What Does It Mean If You Need A Root Canal Treatment in Brockville?

Dentistry, in general, tends to get a bad rap in the media, but there's probably no single dental procedure more misunderstood than a root canal.  After all, people use the phrase "I'd rather have a root canal!" to discuss things they find deeply unpleasant.

However, the truth is that if you need root canal treatment in Brockville, it's not that bad at all.  In fact, the vast majority of root canals are effectively painless.  More importantly, it's a vital technique for preserving a diseased tooth without it being lost.

Why People Get A Root Canal Treatment in Brockville

Basically, a root canal is what happens when someone ignores a cavity for too long.

A cavity is simply a hole that has begun to form in a tooth, due to decay and corrosive elements making their way into the hole.  When someone visits their doctor regularly, these cavities can be spotted early on, and filled in before they cause any problems.

However, if a cavity goes ignored for long enough, the hole will eventually penetrate all the way through the tooth to the fleshy pulp at the center which contains the tooth's nerve.  Once that hole is there, it becomes very easy for the pulp to become infected with bacteria.  This is extremely painful, and once infected, there's no way to directly heal the pulp.

At this point, a root canal is the best remaining option.  In a root canal treatment, the dentist puts you under local anesthetic, then drills out the interior of the tooth.  They remove all of the infected pulp.  Then, they fill in the hole and cap it with a crown. This preserves the tooth and allows you to keep using it normally.

Otherwise, if the infection continues to be ignored, the tooth will likely be lost entirely.  Then the patient would have to get an implant, or a bridge, if they want a replacement tooth - and that's a much bigger issue than just getting a root canal!

Of course, this also illustrates why you should visit your dentist for a checkup at least once a year.  If they catch your cavities early, you won't have these problems at all.

Turn to Boardwalk Dental Care for Root Canal Treatment In Brockville

If you need a root canal, don't wait - the problem will only get worse. Contact Boardwalk Dental Care today to schedule an appointment!

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