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Understanding Your Options When Getting Dental Bridges in Brockville

When a patient is missing one or more teeth, bridges are often a good and affordable solution for creating replacements for those teeth.  Bridges are sort of like miniature dentures, with one or more false teeth being held in place by neighboring teeth.

However, that's not the end of the story.  There are several types of dental bridges in Brockville which you might get, simply depending on your dental situation or even your personal preferences.  Only a highly-qualified Brockville dentist can tell you which type of bridge is best for your own needs, but chances are it will be one of these four basic types of bridges.

What Kinds of Dental Bridges Are Available?

1. Traditional bridges 

Traditional bridges are still the most common type, although they do have their downsides.  With a traditional bridge, one or more false teeth are anchored in place by neighboring teeth which have had a crown added to the top.  The crown includes the support structure needed to hold these bridges in place. 

These bridges can be extremely strong, even strong enough to fully replace a molar without danger of breaking.  However, installing them does mean adding crowns to the neighboring teeth - whether they previously needed crowns or not.   

2. Cantilevered bridges 

These are extremely similar to traditional bridges, with the main difference being that they only attach on one side.  For example, if you need your rearmost molar replaced, that will probably be a cantilevered bridge. 

The downside is that if the attachment tooth becomes damaged, the bridge will fail.

3. Maryland bridges

Maryland bridges avoid the need to crown neighboring teeth, by instead attaching the bridge to the backside of those teeth instead.  The framework holding the false tooth in place is simply bonded to neighboring teeth.  This is great for avoiding unnecessary crowns, but they are less strong than traditional bridges. 

4. Implant-supported bridges

These are usually for people missing several teeth in a row.  Implants are added on either side of the bridge, then the bridge hooks onto the implants.  This creates bridges which are effectively permanent, but a longer surgical process in needed and considerable recovery time is involved.


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