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Is It Ever Too Soon to Look into Orthodontic Treatment in Brockville?

Any parent is going to care about their children's dental health, and that leads to an obvious question: when should they investigate orthodontic treatment in Brockville?  Now, obviously, not every child will need orthodontic care - but the only way to know is to have them seen by a skilled Brockville Dentist.  

In truth, it's really never too early to start having professionals looking at your child's orthodontic future.  If they've even got a single tooth, they can potentially benefit from early awareness and intervention.

Here's what you should know.

When to Start Your Child's Dental and Orthodontic Treatment in Brockville

  • Their first dental appointment

Dental organizations everywhere agree that a child should go in for their first dental appointment at the time their first baby teeth begin to emerge.  So, around 1-3 years of age, give or take.  This accomplishes two major things.

First, dentists really can tell a lot about a child's dental future, even at this early age.  If there is something wrong with how their teeth are growing in, it's best to know ASAP.  Also, taking a child to the dentist this early makes it easier for them to become comfortable visiting dentists in the future.  

  • "Phase 1" - Around Age 7

If a child needs orthodontic intervention, this will usually begin around the time their adult teeth start to come in around age 6 or 7.  In many cases, early intervention can potentially prevent the need for braces later on!  

This is also an opportunity for the dentist to look at how the child chews and otherwise uses their mouth or point out bad habits.  For example, thumb-sucking is extremely bad for the teeth and can actually cause a need for orthodontic work!

  • "Phase 2" - Early teens

If the child is going to need braces or similar appliances, that may need to be done after all their adult teeth have grown in, although some intervention can be recommended at an earlier stage.  The exact timing depends on various factors in how their mouth has developed, but it's usually around 12-15 years.  This way, the work can be completed well before they graduate high school, preparing them to enter the adult world with a great smile!

Get an Early Start on Your Child's Dentistry at Boardwalk Dental Care!

Early awareness really is the best way to guarantee your child has great teeth.  Contact us to learn more about early orthodontic treatment in Brockville.


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