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Taking Care of Yourself after a Root Canal Treatment in Brockville

If you need root canal treatment in Brockville, you’re likely wondering what the process involves. In the case of most root canal patients, the inner pulp of the tooth has been exposed and is now infected. It’s now necessary for a dentist to remove the infected pulp and ensure the ideal level of comfort for the patient in the long-term.  

As with all dental procedures, strong post-operative care is needed when you have a root canal.  If one is in your future, follow these steps from Boardwalk Dental Care to ensure your rehabilitation is as swift -and painless as possible.

What to Do After Receiving Root Canal Treatment in Brockville

1. Always take your prescriptions as directed.

Oral infections should not be taken lightly, particularly when they could potentially move onto other parts of the mouth, or even up into the sinus cavity.  Always take your prescribed medicines as directed by your dentist.  Otherwise, you risk the infection returning.

2. Keep in Close Contact with Your Dentist

Your dentist is there to guide you through the recovery stage. Don’t be afraid to call your dental office if you have any questions or concerns as you recover from your root canal procedure.

3. Don't overwork the repaired tooth.

Whenever possible, try to chew on the other side of your mouth from where the root canal happened.  Do not chew hard foods (like candy) or chewy/sticky foods with the repaired tooth.  Be extra careful in using the treated tooth for the coming days. You may also want to avoid particularly hot or cold foods, as your teeth could be sensitive at this time.

4. Be mindful of your pain levels.

There may be some mild-to-moderate pain following the root canal, particularly once the anesthetic wears off. This is a completely normal part of the healing process.  However, the pain should be treatable with standard over-the-counter medicines like Tylenol or Mortin.  If you're experiencing severe pain that OTC painkillers aren't helping with, contact a dentist as soon as possible.   

Have Root Canal Treatment in Brockville from Experienced Professionals

The dentists of Boardwalk Dental Care have over three decades' experience.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.



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