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The Importance of Orthodontic Treatment in Brockville

A beautiful smile is the end goal of all orthodontic treatment in Brockville; however, improving the appearance of your smile is just one reason to invest in orthodontics. We’ve provided an overview and list four non-cosmetic ways in which orthodontics is important.

Orthodontics Overview

In the past, orthodontic treatment could involve sometimes painful, inconvenient, and unsightly metal and bracket braces that were bonded to the surface of the teeth and attached by wires, which would progressively move teeth into a healthier alignment. Advances in dental technologies, procedures, and products have transformed the industry. Today, more convenient, and less painful clear aligners are used in place of the old-fashioned braces.

Decrease Risks of Tooth Decay and Cavities

Crooked teeth and misaligned bites are notoriously more difficult to properly clean. Even regular brushing and flossing can leave behind tartar, leading to decay and cavities. Orthodontic treatment, however, helps reduce these risks by allowing for easier cleaning by removing crowded areas where tartar can hide.

Less Likely to Develop Gum Disease

Misaligned teeth, besides trapping tartar, can create tiny gaps between the teeth and the gum tissue, allowing the tartar build up to thrive underneath the gum line. Over time, this can potentially lead to gum disease, tooth lose, and more. Once orthodontic treatment is complete, these tiny gaps will have the chance to close, reducing your risks of gum disease later in the life.

Prevents Excessive Wear and Jaw-Joint Problems

Over time, teeth naturally wear down, however, in well aligned mouths, this doesn't cause any problems. When there is a drastic misalignment, either with the teeth or the bite, teeth are more likely to experience excessive wear. This can create weak spots on the teeth that are more susceptible to damage and decay. Orthodontics can correct this problem so teeth wear down regularly.

Boardwalk Dental Care Treatment

Typically speaking, orthodontic treatment in Brockville normally happens between the ages of 12 and 18. However, more adults are opting for orthodontics now that clear aligning trays are readily available. Older adults are also not the only ones who can benefit outside of the traditional age bracket. Children as young as 8 can benefit when they have drastic misalignment problems such as a major overbite or underbite.

To learn more about the importance of orthodontic treatment in Brockville, or to request a consultation, please contact the caring staff at Boardwalk Dental Care today!

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