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April 2021

5 Reasons Why Adults Should Consider Orthodontic Treatments

In this post, our dental team highlights the many benefits adults can enjoy when they choose to get orthodontic treatment to improve their teeth and smile. Find out what they are and some important reasons you should consider orthodontics.

  • Healthier & Straighter Teeth

While straightening your teeth provides clear aesthetic benefits, many people are unaware that it also leads to a healthier overall smile. Crowded teeth and uneven bites can lead to potential dental issues and make it harder for people to thoroughly clean their teeth. This can sometimes lead to issues like gum diseases, tooth decay, and more.

  • Confidence

Everyone feels better about themselves and more confident when they can take pride in their smiles and their teeth. Being self-conscious about your teeth or smile can lead to smiling less and being less secure in certain social situations. With orthodontics, you can improve your smile while also feeling more confident, which can lead to better connections at work and make you more confident about yourself.

  • Quick & Effective

As an adult, we tend to sometimes take things more seriously than we would have in our younger years; and that is true with orthodontics as well. When adults are looking to straighten their teeth and improve their smiles, they are often very meticulous about following the guidelines and instructions which can lead to quicker treatment times and results. As an example, something like Invisalign is easier for younger patients to misplace and forget when compared to adults (but again, this is not always the case).

  • Improve Your Health

While orthodontic treatments will no doubt improve your smile, they can also improve your health and prevent possible health issues from occurring. Misaligned and overcrowded teeth can cause sleep apnea and other problems. Choosing orthodontic treatments will not only improve your smile but can also improve your health. 

  • Show You Care About Orthodontics

Unfortunately, orthodontics and things like braces and Invisalign are sometimes things that teens or young adults are reluctant to get. If they see someone in their household or an adult they look up to with braces or other treatments, this can often pave the way for them to want to improve their teeth as well.

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Orthodontic treatments and solutions are becoming more and more popular among adults. At Boardwalk Dental Care, we offer a range of orthodontic services that can improve your smile and overall oral hygiene. To learn more about our dental services, please contact our team today and book your appointment with us.


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5 Cosmetic Dentistry Services You Need to Know About

At Boardwalk Dental Care, we know your teeth and smile are important and can often be a big part of making a great first impression. That’s why we wanted to take the time and highlight some dental and cosmetic dentistry solutions you should know about that can help improve your teeth and smile.

Here are some ways our team at Boardwalk Dental Care can help you feel more confident about your smile…

  • Improve Your Smile with Veneers

Are you looking for a quick and effective way of improving your teeth and smile? Veneers are porcelain shells that attach to your teeth. They can improve the overall look and shape of your teeth, fill in gaps, and the colour of your teeth will never be whiter. Veneers are the secret behind many of your favorite Hollywood stars' perfect smiles!

  • Crowns Offer A Complete Fix

Crowns are similar to veneers, but they actually cover your entire tooth, including the back. Crowns are great for improving the strength of teeth as well as covering up blemishes and more. Crowns are often used to fix teeth that have been cracked, are shaped oddly, or when a tooth needs a root canal treatment.

  • Bridges

For those who want to adjust gaps in their teeth or replace a missing tooth, bridges are a simple solution. Bridges are tailor made for each patient, and they are supported by your current teeth or implants. They are made of gold, porcelain, or a combination of both.

  • Dental Implant

Similarly, to a bridge, implants are a popular choice for replacing teeth that are missing. The main difference is that, unlike bridges, a dental implant can work independently and does not rely on existing teeth or other implants to function. This option does take a little longer to heal (approx. 3 to 6 months are needed for implants to fully take to your jaw) but also offer a lifelong solution and are extremely easy to fix.

  • Fillings

In the event of tooth decay and cracks, fillings and onlays can repair and fix holes and other imperfections. They can be custom coloured to match your existing tooth/teeth and they provide a very natural-looking solution for damaged teeth.

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To learn more about our cosmetic dentistry solutions, as well as our general dentistry services, please contact us today to book your appointment.

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