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December 2020

Why Is a Brockville Root Canal Treatment Sometimes Necessary?

Brockville root canal treatments are often the best way to save a natural tooth that has become infected, and with modern dentistry, they're far less of a hassle than popular culture would have you believe.  If someone says you need a root canal treatment in Brockville, that's not really a bad thing.  It means you can still keep your natural teeth.

Why Do People Need Root Canal Treatments?

In short, a root canal is called for when the fleshy pulp at the center of the tooth has become infected.   At the least, this can cause painful swelling in the tooth, leading to difficulty chewing, talking, and performing other tasks.  

If the infection isn't taken care of, it can also potentially spread around the mouth, into the gums, or even into the sinus cavities and into the rest of a patient's body.  In short, if someone needs a root canal, they need to address it as quickly as they can.

What Happens in A Brockville Root Canal Treatment?

The procedure is fairly straightforward.  First, the patient is brought in, and local anesthetic is applied so that there's no pain during the procedure itself.

Then the dentist gently drills into the tooth, fully exposing the pulp inside.  This pulp cannot be healed or restored, so it must be removed.  While this does remove the nerve from the center of the tooth, it doesn't prevent the tooth from continuing to be used.

Are There Alternatives to Root Canal Treatment?

Technically yes, but not ones that most patients would want.  Any other alternative would involve completely removing the tooth, leaving a gap in their bite which would have to be filled in with a false tooth of some sort, such as a bridge or an implant.

The point of a root canal is to preserve the tooth and minimize any additional dental work needed.  That's why, if you need a root canal treatment in Brockville, you shouldn't hesitate.  Contact Boardwalk Dental Care for safe, comfortable dental surgery and other dental solutions.


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