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November 2020

How to Encourage Your Children to Receive Orthodontic Treatment in Brockville

It would be nice if every child's teeth grew in perfectly straight with no issues, but that's unfortunately not the case.  In fact, estimates are that anywhere from 25-50% of children have dental issues that would benefit from orthodontic treatment in Brockville.  Sometimes these issues are merely cosmetic, but others could be serious enough that going uncorrected could create major dental problems later in life.

The problem is, convincing a child to go along with orthodontic treatment can be difficult. So, to help, our dental team has outlined a few things to think about and how you can bring up in conversations with them.

Four Ways to Make A Child Feel Better About Brockville Orthodontic Treatment

1. Higher self-esteem 

Both in school, and for the rest of one's life, great teeth create great self-esteem.  Everyone wants to have a dazzling smile that attracts attention, and proper orthodontic treatment at the right time can help make it happen.

2. Better future

Individuals with bad teeth can potentially run into future oral and health issues. A child whose dental problems go uncorrected may have to deal with bigger issues later in life.

3. Less pain

Not all children with dental misalignments experience pain when eating or otherwise using their mouths, but it's still quite common.  Orthodontic correction takes a while to complete, but once it does, they'll be able to eat or talk more easily than ever before.  It's a major improvement to their quality of life.

4. Braces may not be required

Major advances in orthodontics mean that braces - much less headgear - are becoming much less common.  For example, the new Invisalign system uses clear plastic trays to reposition teeth, rather than traditional braces.  Invisalign has far less discomfort than braces, doesn't require lifestyle changes, and is so hard to see that other children might not even realize the tray is there!

Get Orthodontic Treatment in Brockville from Boardwalk Dental

If your child needs orthodontic treatment in Brockville, Boardwalk Dental wants to help make it happen.  Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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