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September 2020

5 Warning Signs You Need a Root Canal

Root canals are a common dental procedure used to relieve pain and prevent the spread of infection throughout the mouth. Most often, you’ll need a root canal because some area of your tooth has become damaged and has exposed nerve endings. However, it isn’t always a cut and dry case, causing many to be unsure whether they need a root canal or if a simple cavity filling will do the trick.

That’s why Boardwalk Dental Care is here to help. Here are five signs you may need to book an appointment for root canal treatment in Brockville.

1. Pain When Chewing

If it hurts to chew, this could be a sign that there’s an issue. Tooth pain is exacerbated by eating, especially when it comes to foods higher in sugar content. Although minor pain when eating might not be an issue, progressive pain is often an indicator that there’s a bigger issue at play.

2. Tooth Pain

Root canal problems will often manifest in a single tooth. This means that if you find yourself with extreme tooth pain suddenly, you likely need to have a root canal treatment. Often, the pain will increase when you touch the tooth, meaning it probably has an exposed nerve ending.

3. Gum Sensitivity

Often, the infection from an infected tooth can quickly spread throughout the mouth, causing gum sensitivity and pain. If you notice the gum around a particular tooth appears swollen, or puffy and red, it’s important to contact a dentist and fix it immediately before it has a chance to spread any further.

4. Darkened Teeth

Do you have a tooth that’s turning deep yellow or brown? If so, it’s a clear sign something’s not right. If you notice brown splotches or dark patches on a specific tooth, this can be the sign of the beginning of an infection.

5. Swollen Lymph Nodes

Although not directly located in your mouth, your lymph nodes are one of your body’s ways it combats infection and keeps you healthy. However, they can become swollen when working overtime. If you have a toothache and the lymph nodes on your neck are swollen and hurt, there’s likely an infection.

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If you’re experiencing pain in your teeth or gums, don’t wait until it becomes unbearable: book an appointment with Boardwalk Dental Care today to feel some relief. We’ll walk you through the process and make sure before and after your root canal, you’ll have all the info you need for a speedy recovery.

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