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January 2020

Proper Post-Care Is Critical After A Root Canal Treatment

If you have a tooth with a cavity that goes untreated for long enough, chances are the root of the tooth will become infected.  When that happens, it's usually impossible to treat the infection directly.   There's only one good option for saving the tooth: a root canal treatment.  

A root canal is a dental procedure where the dentist drills out the center of the tooth and removes the nerve and other soft pulpy material at the center.  Then the hole is filled, and the tooth is capped.  This removes the pain and prevents further damage to the tooth.  

However, as with any sort of invasive procedure, there's always a chance of re-infection.  Following your dentist's post-care instructions can help prevent that!

How To Reduce Your Chances Of Re-Infection After A Root Canal Treatment

1. Follow your dentist's instructions to the letter

You will undoubtedly be given a list of instructions to follow, after having your root canal.  Be sure to follow them exactly as given!  Look over the instructions before leaving the office and be sure to ask any questions you have before you go.

2. Avoid eating and drinking until the anesthetic has worn off

Root canals are almost always done with a local anesthetic which will numb a large portion of your mouth.  Try to avoid eating or drinking until you have feeling back.  Otherwise, you could damage your mouth - like chewing up your cheek - without realizing it, increasing your chances of infection.

3. Take all your antibiotics

Chances are, you'll be given a prescription for antibiotics to take as a preventative measure.  Be sure to take the full course!  You're taking them specifically to stop an infection from happening.

4. A Crown is recommended

At Boardwalk Dental Care we handle root canals in one appointment, in most cases. You will leave your appointment with a permanent filling on the tooth. As the tooth is no longer a vital one, a crown is always recommended to preserve the longevity of the tooth.

If you ever do think the tooth has become re-infected - which will bring swelling and pain - it's vital to contact your dentist ASAP.  

Boardwalk Dental Care

Do you need root canal treatment or other dental work? Our Boardwalk Dental Care team is accepting new patients!  Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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Important Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Modern dentistry is an exciting and fast-changing field, and there's nowhere that's more apparent than when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.  A cosmetic dentistry clinic in Brockville has to constantly keep up on the latest technologies, as well as the latest trends among patients, to ensure they always have the best techniques available.

Better yet, most of these trends are about making it easier for people to get the cosmetic work they want.  So, if you need work done, some of these reasons might convince you that it's time to do it.

Five Trends That Are Changing Cosmetic Dentistry in Brockville

1. 3D printing

3D printing is changing many industries, dentistry among them.  Previously, dentists would often have to custom-order cosmetic pieces from expensive custom suppliers.  Now, increasingly, dentists can simply print out any crowns, bridges, false teeth, or other necessary pieces.  This pushes down the costs of cosmetic work, as well as speeding up the process!

2. Improved whitening options

Don't use those "whitening kits" you see in the grocery store - they're genuinely terrible for your teeth, and quickly wear away your tooth's protective enamel with every application.  Getting teeth whitening at a clinic is easier and less expensive than ever.  A single professional session can significantly whiten your teeth, and you could get it done on a lunch break!

3. Gum reshaping

It's now easier than ever to perform cosmetic work on someone's gums.  This might mean raising the gums to make teeth seem bigger, lowering them to make a grin less toothy, or just evening them out for consistency.  Gum surgery used to be too difficult to be worth it (when not medically necessary) but now it's quickly becoming a commonplace cosmetic procedure.

4. Dental implants for all ages

Implants had generally been seen as a cosmetic option for older people, but not anymore.  Improvements in implant technology have made implants more accessible to people of all ages.  Younger people, in particular, are increasingly choosing implants when they're in a situation where they've lost one or more teeth.

5. More financing

Cosmetic work can be expensive, and dentists know it - that's why they're constantly looking for new ways to make their work more affordable.  Between lower prices on common procedures, and more robust financing options, it's easier than ever to afford cosmetic dentistry in Brockville.

Boardwalk Dental Care Can Help

If you want work done, there really is no time like the present.  Contact Boardwalk Dental for an appointment!


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