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Get Dental Crowns and Bridges in Brockville

Our team here at Boardwalk Dental Care in Brockville is dedicated to seamless placement of dental crowns and bridges. Our experience means we can complete complex restoration work with the utmost precision for each individual patient. Let’s review the difference between a crown and a bridge.

Brockville Crown and Bridges - Before and After


A crown is a dental restoration process designed to fix a damaged tooth. The tooth might be misshapen, chipped, discoloured or broken. It might also have a large cavity. A tooth with an existing root canal generally requires a crown. A crown can respond to each of these restoration requirements by completely covering the affected area. Our trained professionals have many years’ experience customizing dental crowns for precise integration.


A bridge is favoured for patients who need to have one or more of their teeth replaced. They are custom-fit prosthetics made either from porcelain, porcelain fused to gold, or gold. Bridges cover the gap between the teeth and are supported either by the patient’s remaining teeth or by implants.

Why Choose Boardwalk Dental Care for Dental Crowns and Bridges in Brockville?

The trusted team here at Boardwalk Dental Care is ready to guide you in achieving immaculate results from your crown and bridge work. Here’s why our loyal patients entrust us for their treatments:

Our experience

Our dentists have been working in the industry several decades. This means we can resolve complex cases with precision and have mastered dental crown and bridge treatments.

Our communication

We know dental treatments aren’t always easy for the patient. We try to ensure you remain calm and comforted throughout. We’ll talk you through the treatment beforehand and answer all questions based on years of experience.

Proven results

Over the years, we’ve proven our ability in completing dental crowns and bridges for Brockville patients over thousands of cases. Our results speak for themselves.

For precise crown and bridge work completed in an efficient treatment timeframe, turn to our team at Boardwalk Dental Care. To book a consultation, contact our dental offices now at 613-342-9333.